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Getting down to some funky bass - Randy Rhythm

Living, Coping, Breathing...

Randy Rhythm at Arlington Bridge - North End Winnipeg, MB. Canada

You may be wondering...
Who is Randy Rhythm? 

the Randy Rhythm Project is Living, Coping, Breathing...

Moved by music, taking guitar lessons at 7 years old with musical influence an Uncle drummer for a dance band. Watching him play opened a world of music fostering appreciation for raw musical talent and ability. 

Another Cool Uncle who became like a stepfather... cars, snowmobiling, canoeing... and listening to Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Elvis, Chuck Berry... a lot of the Rhythm and Blues and early Rock and Roll.

Older sister played the accordion, and the organ in the house often led to musical play and exploration.
Growing up became immersed in Rock, Blues and Jazz… 
If a common thread to the music of influence exists it would be soul inspiring lyrics with a great beat and fantastic vibe. Something that moves one from a primal place deep within? 

Following the loss of a childhood and lifelong friend (Ben)
Inspiration became a spark that became a flame. His story is the motivation behind the Randy Rhythm Project. 
Ben's story of Living, Coping, Breathing... became a significant message for Mental Health Awareness.
Living, Coping, Breathing... is a journey into the daily life of a person who lives in a realm we don’t quite understand.  You can call it Mental Health Music that will Rock your mind... 

Today... the Randy Rhythm Project is drawing upon new inspiration
Continuing to breathe the voice of care and concern for others... those living... coping
Call it... Funky Rock Noise for the human experience
People... stay Tuned (new music is happening soon)
and always... continue caring for each other.

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Randy Rhythm is working on new material...

                                               this next album is for the girls
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Who is Randy Rhythm...

the Randy Rhythm Project is Living, Coping, Breathing... the full-length album debut to the music world is a visit into the realm of Mental Health that will Rock your mind...

Living, Coping, Breathing... is a tragic Rock story. An emotional torrent is released and builds in lyrical stories as the album progresses into a raw musical experience that takes the listener into the shoes of empathy. It is a journey into the daily life of a person who lives in a realm that few can understand. Living, Coping, Breathing... with much instability. "Don't call it Mental Illness... we all are... Living, Coping, Breathing..." -Bentley Borys

This new Rock Epic... Living, Coping, Breathing... is available for purchase Worldwide using the links provided below...

'Open your mind... and let it Go.'

Get your copy today...

Take note... Living, Coping, Breathing...

it is Rock - Listen to it 'LOUD'...

it is a story - 'Listen to it from beginning to end'...

and most important of all...

Thanks out to you - for taking time to visit Ben 

with Michael and I...

Randy Rhythm